Raging into the void

Worst… week… ever…

Posted on October 11, 2008 4 min read

Whilst idly drifting towards Waitrose this after noon enjoying the winter sun I was narrowly pipped to the trolley rank by some bumbling old buffoon who grabbed the first trolley. They then proceeded to just stand there faffing about with some tat left by the previous shopper rather than getting the hell out of my way so I could get a trolley and proceed to stocking up on tasty fare. Luckily for them I managed to contain the anger just long enough and did not just barge them out the way and kick them to the ground as a salutary lesson in moving on expediently.

I moved forward to the perusing the isles and getting this and that, pushed some morons out the way, grabbed some bargains, wandered to the paper section to maybe stock up on some financial doom and gloom based literature. What caught my eye? For some reason it’s the Daily Mail, a “paper” that I normally manage to block out to prevent regular bouts of apoplexy. Alas today something went wrong and I tragically read the headline – “The worst week ever”.

I’m not sure what the article was about as I was unable to read further without risking ended my life with heart failure, but for the purpose of ranting I’ll assume it was dealing with the impending financial collapse of the free market economy.

Now, it’s been a pretty bad week for financial people I admit, hell my favorite country seems to have gone bankrupt (I kind of wished it was the shopping chain that was bust, just to get Kerry bloody Katona off my TV screen), but the worst week EVER? That’s a bold claim, I can think of at least 16 weeks that were worse than that just of the top of my head, 7th July 1991 to 1st November 1991.

Then there were some war things that happened a while ago, I’m pretty sure they were not all that much fun, it’s annoying enough just hearing old folks moan on about it on buses let alone actually being shot in the face by an angry enemy conscript in some god forsaken part of Europe (Belgium).

The plague, did not sound much like a picnic for Europe either if I’m honest.

But no, all this death, destruction, suffering and Bryan Adam’s crooning PALES into comparison compared to some lost money!!!

Bunch of fascist wankers.

I’m also bitter that my local pub cruelly duped me yesterday, sat outside there was some slightly oddly interchanging happy hardcore/country and westen tunage, nothing too offensive even if it was a little strange. Anyway, glasses were emptied and tragically it was my shout so off I popped inside to get a round of sauce in, open the door, OH DEAR GOD, “Never Gonna Give You Up, Never gonna let you down” – fuck me I’ve just been Rick Rolled by a boozer. Curses!