Raging into the void

Oyster FAIL.

Posted on September 25, 2008 3 min read

Right so buses are quite useful, however you do have to pay to use them, getting on one, swiping your oyster card and reviving a FAIL notice would suggest that you have not paid and thus don’t deserve travel. Standing there arguing with the beleaguered driver won’t change this fact, claiming that you have £10 on your card holds little water in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The fact that your retarded friends have paid and gone up the stairs whilst shouting after you to hurry up won’t change the fact that you have failed to gain admission to this wonderful transport mechanism.

Realising that this bus is not even going to your destination is not further reason to argue with the driver, he’s not going to change it’s route for you. It’s reason to get off and leave the rest of us in peace. However, once realising the futility of your debate, whilst getting off, it’s not acceptable for one of your moronic friend to demand his “two bucks” back because he was too stupid to check the destination before paying.

What was especially enraging was I was desperately hoping that said friend would argue, to claim back his puny sum of money, further, so I could remove the 5 aussie clams that I happen to have in my wallet, throw it in his face and say “here, champ, have five bucks, now fuck off and let the rest of us go home”.

There was one saving grace that prevented a full bout of apoplexy setting in however. For I was sat safe and warm in the knowledge that not only did your compadres waste £2 on a bus that you were not going to use, but no bus from this stop goes to where you are going. Comforted by the thought that you might drunkenly wait there all night for a bus that won’t turn up, a full rage is prevented.