Raging into the void

Give me maps or give me death.

Posted on January 28, 2015 2 min read

There are some things in life that are annoying, their are some that are infuriating. The difference is often how hard it would be for some idle bureaucrat fix the bloody issue. When constructing a public transport network its prudent to have more than one line, maybe as many as 4, each with a few stops! Which presents a problem, how will a passenger know which on to take to get where they want to go?

Maybe a map might help? Or list all the stops a train might go to on the shiny screen telling everyone its 37 minutes late? Maybe have people lying about that can tell you? Or maybe just tell people which is the last stop the train goes to and leave it up to the passengers to just bloody guess where it might go or stop en route to nowhere fun. I mean its not like its just wasters and vagabonds who live at the end of the line who probably can't read anyway. How is telling me this train will get to somewhere 50 miles away without any intervening stop information useful? Seriously Metro trains, just put some fucking maps in the ticket hall and on each platform, how fucking hard would it be?