Raging into the void


Posted on September 16, 2008 1 min read

Hello I’m Ajax, I like cleaning toilets, playing football and stabbing nasty Trojans, sometimes, just sometimes, I like to tinker about with web paged to do some fancy stuff with external data.

What I do not do is EVERYTHING that’s non static on the flaming web. So hey lets stop using abusing my good name for a simple bit of JavaScript that swaps an image, especially when you are claiming that a page “needs some AJAX” just cause you are too bloody useless to do your job properly.

If you don’t listen i’ll bloody well smite your nose off with my 7 ox-hide shield. That’ll learn you.

One Response to Ajax

Richard says: October 16, 2008 at 9:26 am

Theres a t-shirt slogan in there somewhere…